The Dottir

All the action of our arcades, but in a portable form.

Our Dottir is a portable form factor two player arcade controller.   With options enabling use with  either Sony Playstation 3+4, Xbox 360 + One, Raspberry Pi,  Switch, Wii U or Steam gaming systems, the Dottir comes standard with  Suzo Happ competition joysticks and buttons. All the arcade action in a small package!

Want to Jamma?

Looking for a simple Jamma style portable? Our Jamma series Dottir has everything you need... well almost. This powered unit is inspected and certified to approved CSA standards. All you need to do is add your favorite Jamma multicade card.

Free Shipping in Canada!

Well most of Canada.....We will shipping your Dottir anywhere in Canada at no cost, excluding the territories. But don't worry our favorite northern friends, send us a note to and we will send a promo code for $50.00 off. 

To qualify for your free Dottir shipping use the coupon code "Ship-my-Dottir" at checkout.

Starting at $469.99 CAD 


Base features:

  • Matte laminated 3M graphics package
  • Dual Suzo Happ Competition Joysticks
  • Suzo Happ Competition eight button player configuration
  • Dual PC, PS3/4 compatible control boards
  • High quality USB connections
  • Two 15' USB cables

Upgrade options:

  • Custom graphics package / Corporate branding¬∑
  • Sanwa Joysticks
  • 3" trackball
  • Dual Brook Universal Fight Boards (PS3/4 , Xbox 360/One, Raspberry Pi, Switch, Wii U, PC )

Looking for more info, shoot us a note or call.

Email: Tel: 780.418.8997