The Stor Eldr

The Stor Eldr is a mid size form factor stand up two player arcade.  The Stor Edlr’s design makes it great for rooms with limited space, while not limiting the fun

Our Stor Eldr is a mid sized, form factor two player arcade.  Offering a 27” wide screen LED screen, the Stor Eldr is designed with enjoyment in mind.  Utilizing either Sony Playstation, Xbox or Steam gaming systems, the Stor Eldr can be fit with your choice of Joysticks (Sanwa, Suzo Happ competition or dual Magstick Plus), depending on your playing needs.

The Stor Eldr brings the arcade experience to your home, office or even holiday trailer. The Stor Eldr supplies unlimited entertainment to all ages and abilities.  ** Wide Body  2 1/4"” trackball upgrade also available.

Starting at $2,999.99 CAD 


Base features:

  • Matte laminated 3M graphics package
  • LED lit marquee
  • Dual 4" Premium Speakers with amplifier
  • Dual Suzo Happ Competition Joysticks
  • Eight button player configuration
  • 27” wide screen LED screen
  • Heat strengthened glass
  • Approved to CSA Standards
  • Steam powered base system (not suitable for high resolution games)

Upgrade options:

  • Wide body - two extra inchs of control surface
  • LED buttons
  • Four channel touch screen Bluetooth stereo receiver
  • Coin Door – no coin mechanism
  • Custom graphics package / Corporate branding·
  • Optional Ultimarc or Sanwa Joysticks
  • Optional 2 1/4" trackball (Wide body only)
  • Game systems PS3/4 Xbox1 / Steam Powered PC
  • Jamma wiring setup

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Email: Tel: 780.418.8997